Press the Keyboard and Keypad!

Hi there my friends. Do you like playing notebook keyboard or hand phone keypad? Or maybe pressing the remote control buttons or other electronic devices? Same here! I like playing with my mini keyboard, too but my favorite is playing with notebook keyboard or hand phone keypad. Usually my Mom allows me playing with her notebook or Blackberry. Sometimes I accidentally send MMS to my Dad or call my Grandma he he. I like playing with the mouse too, especially because of the lamps. Finally my Mom allows me to play with her old netbook. But she assures that she has unplugged the cord first. Baca lebih lanjut


BRAT Diet For My Little Tummy

Hello, my name’s Rayyaan Fathurrahman, just call me Rayyaan. I’m one year old. I’m Mom and Dad’s sweetheart so they were sad when I was ill. Moreover, I hadn’t been ill like this previously. A few days ago I threw up four times. Worried, Mom & Dad took me to the pediatrician. The doctor said that my tummy and instestines sound good, not noisy. Mom & Dad said that I ate nothing new lately, so what’s wrong with me? The doctor gave me nausea medication dan multivitamin. Baca lebih lanjut